For a long time at the cookery school we always had our Homemade Lemonade on the tables every day for lunch.  This was  'duty' that one student in each kitchen did, squeezing the lemons and oranges and using the peels to make Candied peel.  However times change and a few years ago we decided that our wonderful homemade lemonade while still wonderful and delicous for an occassional treat, had too much sugar in to be on the tables every day during the 12 Week Certificate Course.

We decide the ideal drink would be to use the wonderful Water Kefir we were already begining to make here at the school and just up production so that we could have it on the tables in the cookery school every lunchtime so that's what we do now.

Students still make Lemonade on the course, but just not every day.  

Now we all get a delicous probiotic drink every day of the year.

Its really important that we taste each batch as the second fermentation adds back in some sweetness and gives a delicous fizz to the drink.