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"When I was a young lad, I wanted to be friends with every person I could.  It wasn’t just the cute freckly one with the pigtails or the boy with the best slingshot collection - I wanted to play with all the kids. I could never focus on just one story, or follow just one whim. Those afternoons spent building different sandpit castles introduced me to kids who taught me to swing like a monkey through the trees. Meeting someone who  'spoke' sign language taught me how to kiss a girl for the first time. I ran and swam and drew and sung, and with each pretend world I entered, just for a moment, I would become part of that person.

Many years on, I try to apply the same principals to my photography. Remain diverse. Over the years an openness to try anything, even just once, has allowed me to photograph for everyone from leading designers in New York City to Indigenous communities in rural Australia, European cooking entrepreneurs to African landscapes. I’ve shared chianti on Italian porches, drunk home-brew beer on Brooklyn stoops and hot chai in Indian slum doorways. The lens is an equalizer that knows no race, class or background. And for me, those are the stories I want to be part of." Shantanu Starick 

Shantanu Starick is a nomadic photographer, whose photographs capture the diversity of life across many continents. His food photography is incredibly evocative and beautifully styled, and we can look forward to his new book 'Grown and Gathered' which is being published by Pan McMillan in October 2016. Participants are encouraged to bring their own photographic equipment if they wish. Alternatively, they may use their camera-phones.  A delicious Ballymaloe Cookery School lunch is included. 

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