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 We sometimes get asked “how do I create a balanced menu?” Or people will say to me “I am never confident about what I should serve with what”. This is what Rory's new book, 'Cook Well, Eat Well', is all about. As a result of those questions in the cookbook I have composed a series of seasonal balanced menus that I hope will be of help to all cooks who find themselves in a similar position of uncertainty.

The object of the exercise when creating a balanced meal is to compose a menu that will nourish and delight, and that will leave diners feeling satisfied rather than overfed and exhausted.

What most of us want is something nourishing and delicious to eat, and whether it is cooking for myself or a group of family or friends, cooking and then sharing the results of that effort remains a great pleasure. 

This course is all about creating and enjoying the pleasure of a good meal.

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