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Gone are the days when a toasted special or a bowl of mystery veg soup was the best one could hope for when you walked into a pub in Ireland. 
Great, but simple food is an increasingly important factor in running a successful pub business, as despite cash-conscious times, people are not cutting back on eating out. Combining the best of traditional recipes with modern twists at an affordable price is what increasingly sophisticated clientele are looking for, and what you can deliver.
We’ve visited some of the most successful gastro pubs in the UK, Ireland and beyond, including the renowned Spotted Pig in New York, and seen how they’ve done things. We have so many delicious recipes and ideas to tempt your customers, and help you to turn a profit.
On this intensive 2.5 day course we will show you a selection of traditional and modern pub food that can be produced in a small kitchen and ready at all times of day for when customers are looking for food. You will also get to learn and improve your presentation skills, with a whole host of contemporary ways to show your food off to its best.
One of the highlights of the course is a presentation from respected restaurant adviser, Blathnaid Bergin, examining the all-important finances of beginning to serve food in your pub, so that you can avoid the common pit-falls of starting out in the food business. She will advise you on how to make money – and raise customer numbers – with your food, rather than it costing you money.
This course comes highly recommended as an important investment in your business.
Please note gallery is a selection of images but may not represent actual dishes featured on the course.
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