Students planning to undertake our 12 Week Certificate course usually have lots of questions before they come! Check out our list of the most commonly asked questions: 

General questions about the school 


Do you provide accommodation during the course?

We have accommodation available for all our students who wish to attend. Accommodation is provided in our converted cottage buildings, where you will share with other students attending the course. You may select a single room or a twin room to share with another student. Most of our rooms are ensuite.

What age are the students?

All ages, usually between 18-60, but we have had a 70 year old student! Approximately 50% of our student on our certificate course are under 25, the remaining 50% between 25 and 60, don't worry you won't be on your own.

Do you have International students?

Our courses are very popular with students from all over the world. At any one time we may have Japanese, Dutch, British, American, Swedish, Indian, Australian and New Zealand students, to name a few, studying with us.

Do I require a Visa?

You may need a travel visa, if you live outside the European Union, a standard 3-month tourist / holiday visa will usually do. Your travel agent will be able to advise. If you hold a non-European Union Passport, you may be asked to show our letter of acceptance to the Irish Emigration official with your passport. Please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website for further information. https://www.dfa.ie/travel/visas/visas-for-ireland/

As an international student, how good does my English have to be?

Our overseas students are advised to have a good standard of English.

Does the School provide the recipes and food ingredients?

Yes. All ingredients and recipes are supplied.

How many students are there in a class?

We take 62 Students on a cooking course. You are all together for the afternoon cookery demonstration, but for the morning practical class students are divided up between four kitchens, with 1 teacher to every 6-8 students.

Do I need some cooking experience?

There is no problem if you have no cooking experience whatsoever; this is a cooking school; our job is to teach you.