Every student must prepare a detailed Order of Work every day:

  • Check on the grids on the notice board located outside Demo Kitchen and opposite the Blue Dining Room for the recipes and quantities allocated to your section. Work with your partner to decide which dishes you will each cook the following morning.
  • Check the notice board in the corridor outside Kitchen 1 or your Weekly Duty Sheet for daily duties and include these in the Order of Work each day
  • When writing an Order of Work:

-         first read through each of the recipes & decide on which recipe takes the longest to cook, or will suffer least from being cooked ahead

-         calculate cooking time for meat and fish and work back from the time of service (12:30pm)

  • Students may decide to work together on each recipe, or alternatively one student may choose to do the starter and pudding, while their partner prepares the main course, vegetables and jam, cake, or biscuit on the menu.


Sample Order of Work

Name | Mary Jane Mc Carthy

Duty | Feed Hens

General Duty 1 | During lunch, sit at Table 1. Bring soup & starter to the centre table and help to serve. Clear Table 1 between courses. After lunch, polish cutlery and lay Table 1*. After demo, wash and dry at Demo sink.


Dishes |       Ballymaloe Quiche Lorraine  x 1

        Compote Blackberry & Apple x ½

        Homemade Lemonade x 1

08:30 |       Collect all ingredients for mornings cooking

09:00 |       Make short-crust pastry cover with greaseproof paper

09:20 |       Make syrup for lemonade and cool.

09:25 |       Make syrup for compote

09:40 |       Peel and slice apples into compote

          |       Add blackberries

          |       Turn into serving dish and allow to cool \

10:10 |       Line flan ring, rest for 5 minutes

10:15  |      Clean down section and wash up.

10:25 |       Bake flan ring

10:30 |       Make filling for quiche

11:00 |       Remove pre-baked pastry shell from oven

11:05 |       Juice citrus and make lemonad

11:15 |       Pour filling into quiche. Bake in conventional oven 160ºC  for 30 minutes approx.

11:20 |       Present and Garnish compote

11:25 |       Tidy and clean section

11:45 |       Remove quiche from tin to a serving plate

11:50 |       Present Quiche and call teacher to taste food and check section

12:00 |       Clean down section and prepare to serve dishes for lunch